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The following statements from clients do not represent evidence that Homeopathy or Bach Flower Remedies work, but are the personal opinions of people who have been helped by Homeopathy or Bach Flower Remedies.  The Advertising Standards Authority does not permit CAM providers to imply that Homeopathy or Bach Flower Remedies can help any specific medical conditions.

I have been struggling with anxiety and Katharyn recommended a Bach Flower Remedy mix which was tailored specifically for me; it helped calm me down in my trigger situations.  I also receive Homeopathy from her.

Ms B

I have always believed in using alternatives in nature rather than conventional medication as it is more natural to the body.  Katharyn has taken care of my family and I through mild and severe issues.  Her calmness, consistency and patience are an added bonus to the therapy.  My whole family receive homeopathy from Katharyn.

Mrs T

When Bach Flowers were first introduced to me I found it exciting.  Having never used them before, I was keen to try.  I was so pleasantly stunned at the results!  Each member of my family uses the mixtures.  I have seen a change in responses to stressful environments and people, just as an example.  I am enjoying learning about Bach Flowers from Katharyn.

Mrs C

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

I broke my foot in a motorcyle accident 6 weeks ago.  When the cast came off, I was still in pain and limping a little.  Katharyn gave me something and the next day I was pain free!

Daniel Cooke

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